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About Tarotpedia - the Online Encyclopedia of Tarot
Association for Tarot Studies

About Tarotpedia / Tarotpædia

The decision to establish this Online Encyclopedia of Tarot followed reflections subsequent to the 2005 International Tarot Conference organised by the Association for Tarot Studies. At its AGM in January 2006, Jean-Michel David suggested the idea, and the ATS decided to proceed, having already discussed possibilities and seeking support from the owners of both Aeclectic Tarot and TarotHistory.com. TarotHistory.com's owner was instrumental in registering, on behalf of the Association through J-M. David, and in setting up and designing the layout for Tarotpedia.

Though both 'Tarotpedia' and 'Tarotpaedia' were considered and registered, it was decided to opt for the North American spelling for the live version.

A decision was also made to initially use wiki software, as it provides amongst the best options to develop a collaborative work with easy-to-make internal links. As a collaborative development, Tarotpedia reflects its active community. Anyone who becomes a member may assist in the growth and development of the site. Whether reading through and alerting omissions, making suggestions, or contributing directly to the pages, participation is what makes Tarotpedia a resource treasured by all.

Using Tarotpedia

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We encourage you to become a member and contribute content. Please be sure to read the Tarotpedia Guidelines, the Style Guide, and the How to use Tarotpedia page for an introduction and information on how to edit and create pages.