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Welcome to Tarotpedia!

If you are a newcomer and want to help us improve the encyclopedia, you can read the Tarotpedia Guidelines to gain some initial impression about this site.

As a Tarotpedia member, you are encouraged to participate in the activities of improving the content of the Tarotpedia site, as well as to participate in some of the online Tarot communities (linked to below via the Tarot Links page).

Information for users
A start-up guide for those new to Tarotpedia, and a handy refresher for everyone! It includes an introduction and information on how to edit pages.
These guidelines also provide important information on using Tarotpedia.
If you have suggestions about Structure, finding your way around, or specific pages (articles) that seem to be missing and would like to request.
Discussion area
Discussion about specific pages are better placed under the discussion tab of those specific article pages. Please also leave le pendu or jmd a note if you would like either of our input (we may otherwise not be aware of the discussion through simple oversight).
A general discussion page and place to ask more general questions. You are also encouraged to ask general questions in one of the online communities listed below, or directly on the 'talk pages' of either le pendu or jmd.
The place for discussions about items needing to be resolved by consensus.
  • Current events - to see for tarot conferences and special exhibits in various parts of the world.
  • Donations Information on financially supporting Tarotpedia
  • Report vandalism or harassment to either le pendu or jmd
If you see a page that has been accidentally damaged and are able to fix it, simply use your skills.
Online Tarot Communities
Online Tarot communities tend to be based on discussion Forums and e.groups. For a list of these, see the following page: