Three of Swords Sola-Busca

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XVII Century engraving after the Ripley Scroll - The triple Sun
Sola Busca - Three of Coins

Sola Busca Tarot


A giant heart is pierced by three swords. The heart seems to be floating in the air. Below it there is a garland with fruits which is also pierced by the three swords.

Image references

This is possibly the most famous card in the Sola Busca deck, since Pamela Colman Smith has used the same image for the Three of Swords of the so called RWS Deck.

The heart appears in many alchemical images. Usually in the form of a flaming heart.

Our Lady of the Seven Pains

Our Lady of the Seven Pains
Our Lady of the Seven Pains - Madonna del Don

A heart pierced by seven swords is common in Christian popular art as Our Lady of the Seven Pains:

  1. Christ's circumcision
  2. Escape to Egypt
  3. Baby Christ in the Church
  4. Christ falls under the cross
  5. Erection of the cross with Christ on it
  6. Removal of the cross
  7. Christ's burial.

Textual references

From the Ripley Scroll

The Blood of mine heart I wish

Now causeth both joy and blisse

And dissolveth the very Stone

And knitteth him ere he have done

Now maketh hard that was lix

And causeth him to be fix

Of my blood and water I wish

Plenty in all the World there is

It runneth in every place

Who it findeth he hath grace

In the World it runneth over all

And goeth round as a ball

But thou understand well this

Of the worke thou shalt miss

Therefore know ere thou begin

What he is and all his kin

Many a name he hath full sure

And all is but one Nature

Thou must part him in three

And then knit him as the Trinity

And make them all but one

Lo here is the Philosophers Stone

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