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Please check the report on the visualtarot scam that has also plagued tarotpedia over the past few months.

Tarot and me

Most who know me who come here will be either from

I have also been involved in the 2004 re-publication of Robert O'Neill's 1986 Tarot Symbolism, the limited edition printing of Major Tom's TdM (2005), the 2006 publication of Frank Jensen's Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot, Shane Kendal's tarot poems titled From Motley Hat to Deathly Shroud, and of course my own Reading the Marseille Tarot.

Other interests

Four of my key areas of interest I have on my (under-developed) site... please visit at least sometime!

Basically (and in addition to Tarot), Philosophy, Mathematics, Anthroposophy, Kabalah, Freemasonry, History of ideas, and Astrology.



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