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Whimsical Tarot - I Magician


The Whimsical Tarot, illustrated by the artist of the Hanson-Roberts deck, has soft and inoffensive imagery free from esoteric and occult symbolism. Aimed at children or parents who want to introduce their children to Tarot, each card illustrates a fairytale or nursery rhyme in order to convey Tarot meanings. The Magician for instance is cunning Puss-in-Boots, and the Five of Swords is the Pied Piper leading the town's children away with his music. The card images and meanings are inspired by the Rider Waite tradition, and in places the Waite-Smith imagery is very noticeable, but the artist has focused on illustrating the fairytale is a way that expresses the card meaning.

A companion book is available for the Whimsical Tarot, which helps the reader understand why the fairytales and nursery rhymes were chosen for particular cards, and gives advice on how to use the deck with children.


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Creator's comments

Childhood images. They are an important part of who we are as individuals, and we each have a collection. We dust them off once in a while and when the time is right, we take them out and play with them. Whether the mind conjures up Puss 'N Boots or Sleeping Beauty, Rumplestiltskin or Cinderella, these images stay with us forever. Often the first introduction to heroism, to right and wrong, and to how the world is designed to work, we share their stories and their lessons with our children, giving them an infinite supply of symbols to draw upon for better living.

While this rich legacy is certainly of consequence, we also owe it to our children to provide them with a firm grasp of the Higher Self. They need to know that it's a real part of them - the part that reveals who they are, where they're going, and what they can accomplish. They need to know it holds answers that can ease their lives and bring about spiritual growth. It's important they understand the wonders of that Self and learn how to access its gifts. Our children can't do that, though, unless we provide them with the necessary tools. The Whimsical Tarot is such a tool.

Based on the childhood imagery of fairy tales, nursery rhymes and common storybook characters, The Whimsical Tarot provides a fresh approach to an old system. Unlike other Tarot systems, it combines the ancient art of story-telling with humankind's fundamental goal - a connection to the Higher Power. Because the images used in this deck are familiar ones and easily retained, no memorization is necessary for efficient use of this tool. The Whimsical Tarot is also unique in that it encourages parent/child interaction, recommending reading time with the child to give them the full benefit of the system.

The accompanying book is divided into two sections, and although designed to be a parent's guide to teaching children to read the Tarot, can easily double as a beginner's guide. Part I simplifies card-reading methodology and eliminates the mysterious air that surrounds the Tarot, leaving nothing to intimidate or discourage the would-be reader. It includes tips for getting the most from the Tarot, suggestions for gaining and keeping the child's interest, interactive exercises for increasing reading skills, and age categorized layouts. Part II discusses the roles of the Major and Minor Arcana, suit symbolism and rulership values. A discussion of individual cards follow, listing the character/s displayed, the name of the associated story, card description and advice.

(Taken from Morrison Manor's Library page)

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