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Companion to The Whimsical Tarot
Companion to The Whimsical Tarot


[edit] The Whimsical Tarot: A Deck for Children and the Young at Heart

[edit] Author(s)

[edit] Publication details

ISBN 1572813156

[edit] date of publication

June 2001

[edit] publisher

U.S. Games

[edit] Description

The Whimsical Tarot Companion expands upon the information included in the deck's LWB and features the deck's artwork prominently. It's divided into two sections: a general introduction to Tarot in general, and then coverage of the Whimsical's Waite-Smith inspired images. The text identifies the fairy tale behind each card's illustration, although it assumes that the reader already knows the stories: no narrative details are provided. Also, although the book consciously targets younger readers, Morrison's occasional Wiccan bias might rankle nonpagans.

[edit] Author's comments

To be added

[edit] Author's website

Morrison Manor

[edit] Reviews

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