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This page lists:

  • Egyptian theme decks that have Ancient Egyptian motifs or themed artwork.
  • Decks falling within the tarot tradition of Etteilla and that are therefore traditionally referred to by tarot historians as Egyptian tarots even though the deck may or may not necessarily have Ancient Egyptian motif artwork.

See "A History of Egyptian Tarot Decks" (Essay by Mark Filipas) for an overview of all these various genres of 'Egyptian' tarot decks.

Egyptian theme decks

The Chariot from Barrett's Ancient Egyptian Tarot

School of Etteilla decks

Grand Etteilla Tarot (Grimaud edition) - Discussion, numbered 3 (corresponding to the XVIII Moon of other decks)

Main article: Etteilla Pattern

Grand Etteilla

"Etteilla I"

"Etteilla II"

  • Antique specimen [18]

Tarot Egyptien: Grand Jeu de l'Oracle des Dames

Jeu de la Princesse Tarot

Other Etteilla based decks

Tarot of Paul Christian

Falconnier/Wegener Pattern

Building upon the Egyptianized trump descriptions offered by Paul Christian, the following decks follow the trump designs of Falconnier as executed by Wegener in the 1896 book Les XXII lames hermètiques du tarot divinatoire. The book did not include court and pip cards, but in 1901 Saint-Germain's Practical Astrology used the Falconnier/Wegener trumps and added court and pip designs.

XV Typhon card (corresponding to the conventional XV Devil card) from the Egyptian Tarot (U.S. Games edition). This deck uses the designs of the Egyptianized major and minor arcana of Falconnier/Wegener and Saint-Germain, respectively.

Decks based on the Falconnier/Wegener and Saint-Germain drawings;


Egipcios Kier Pattern

This is a South American mutation of the Falconnier pattern created in 1970, and later revised and amended by later deck creators. The Egipcios Kier was the first Egyptian deck to have fully scenic Minors. Eschewing the division of 4 suits, the Minors simply proceeded in sequence and used Etteilla-derived meanings. The Egipcios Kier cards are numbered 1 to 78 and follow the Grand Etteilla 1 to 78 sequence, the only difference being that the Fool card is numbered 0/78 in the Grand Etteilla, whereas it is numbered 22 in the Egipicios Kier.


Table (in Spanish) giving concordances between Tarot de Marseille minor arcana and the minor arcana of the Egipcios Kier and Egipcios Comas decks - This link does not currently show this article. Keep for future updating.

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